Author: Catalina Altomonte
Catalina Altomonte

SM Supermarket Has Some of the Best Frozen Food Finds

Prepping for a weeknight dinner? The frozen goods aisle can help you shave minutes off your cooking time.

Jell-O, Knox, or Ferna: Which Box Makes the Best Gelatin?

We munched on jiggly rounds of gelatin for this month's Taste Test!

A Beginner's Guide to Whipped Cream

We have tips on how to make and use whipped cream for desserts.

YUMMY SHOPPING: Where to Buy Polvoron Molds

These polvoron molds are easy to find in Manila.

Brown Butter Will Make Your Polvoron Better

Nutty and toasty polvoron is what you're after!

Everything You Need to Know When Marinating Meats

Here's everything you need to know about marinades.

What Is the Difference Between Yellow, White, and Vanilla Cakes?

Cakes can be a little confusing-here's how to tell each recipe apart.

5 Secrets to Making Your Pasta Sauces Even Better

We have tips for every kind of sauce out there.
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