Ubod Rice with Tinapa Recipe

This ubod recipe gives you a good amount of fiber and is easy to make, too.

Jicama Noodle Salad Recipe

This salad has the perfect balance of bright flavors, textures, and a nice crunch.

Wonton Pizza Cups Recipe

These crispy pizza cups are a healthier option and a super fun way to eat veggies.

Munggo Rice Recipe (Mung Bean Fried Rice)

The beloved munggo soup can be turned into a tasty fried rice dish!

Green Curry Gising Gising Recipe

Green curry paste adds an exciting twist to the local winged beans recipe.

Seafood Pancit Sotanghon Recipe

This festive pancit platter is a guaranteed potluck-pleaser. Any leftover veggies may be used for this easy stir-fry pancit recipe.

Spinach Bacon Frittata Recipe

Start the day right with a powerhouse breakfast packed with protein and fiber.

Chicken Tocino Fried Rice Recipe

This is a nutritious, high-protein, and fiber-rich meal!
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