Author: Idge Mendiola

Burger Steak with Gravy Recipe

Serve a juicy burger patty over rice and pour gravy on top!

Mackerel and Cream Cheese Spread Recipe

Try using canned mackerel to make a sandwich spread!

Poke Bowl Recipe

Use a mix of sushi-grade tuna and salmon to make this poke bowl!

How to Bake with Cake Flour, Bread Flour, and More

Different kinds of flour are used for different things!

These Bottled Marinades Make for Great Inasal, Barbecued Meats, and More

Strapped for time? Grab a bottle or two of these flavorful marinades!

Crispy Spam Musubi Recipe

Spam musubi is a spam and rice sushi treat that is popular in Hawaii. Serve it as a snack!

10 Versatile Kitchen Tools Worth Investing In

These basic kitchen tools can be used in many different ways.

Lumpiang Hubad (Vegetable Spring Rolls) Recipe

This Filipino spring roll dish is served with a sweet peanut sauce!
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