Tuna Donburi (Tuna Rice Bowl) Recipe

This tuna donburi, or tuna rice bowl recipe, is for Japanese food-lovers!

Maja Blanca Panna Cotta

Imagine Italian panna cotta with our Maja Blanca? The result? A rich and creamy sweet treat that's a sure hit!

Healthy Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice

What comes after every bite of these sweet, juicy chicken fillets and spoonfuls of flavorful java rice? The biggest smiles of satisfaction you?ll ever see!

Breaded Fish Paninis

Use fish fingers in your sandwich!

Ham and Cheese Fried Rice Balls

An easy (and cheesy) appetizer.

Chicken Barbecue Vermicelli Salad

Chicken barbecue fillets give this Asian-inspired noodle salad a boost of flavor.

Cheesy Corned Beef Empanadas

Make this pastry sans the stress!

Beef Stew

Slow-cooking will make this a pot-full of tender beef chunks.

Chicken Schnitzel

Made with a flattened chicken fillet, the schnitzel is more kid-friendly compared to the usual bone-in fried chicken. Pair it with spaghetti for one yummy duo!
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