Author: Lhas Alvarez

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Sauce Recipe

This chicken dish has a versatile mushroom sauce!

Corn and Tuna Pasta Recipe

You'll be surprised by how easy and flavorful this easy pasta dish is!

No-Bake Fruit Cocktail Refrigerator Cake Recipe

This no-bake dessert makes use of the fruit cocktail in your pantry!

Spam and Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Top this fried rice with a runny fried egg!

Vegetable and Bean Stew Recipe

Cozy up to a stew that makes use of canned staples sitting idly in your pantry.

Grilled Pork Open-faced Sandwiches Recipe

Bored with your usual sandwich? Try this grilled pork number!

Sardines Rice Bowl Recipe

Take that bottle of Spanish sardines to the next level by stir-frying it with tomatoes and spices.

Bacon-wrapped Meatballs Recipe

Versatile and a cinch to make, meatballs will be your new best friend!

Salmon Teriyaki Recipe

This fresh and light meal will get you pumped up for the rest of the day.
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