Author: Mira Angeles

Chicken Paprika with Chorizo Recipe

You only need a handful of ingredients and half an hour to cook up this delicious dish!

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Recipe

This chicken sandwich is spicy and tangy! Pile on extra fried chicken for a good crunch.

Mexican Corn Salad Recipe

This corn salad recipe makes for a light and tasty dinner.

Easy Skillet Pizza Recipe

This two-step homemade pizza recipe can be made on your stove top!

Sauteed Baguio Beans with Bacon Recipe

Bacon makes vegetables more than just a one-note dish!

Minced Pork with Kangkong Recipe

This is an easy veggie dish even kitchen newbies can whip up!

Kung Pao Pork Recipe

This Asian-inspired savory pork dish is a winner!

Vegetable Lo Mein Recipe

This simple stir-fry noodle recipe can be made for meatless Mondays!

Asian Barbecue Pork Chops Recipe

Give your chops layers for flavor before grilling!
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