Author: Rachelle Santos

Grilled Citrus-Marinated Steak Recipe

Wrap up this tangy steak in a burrito with lots of rice!

All-Around Barbecue Sauce Recipe

You can use this barbecue sauce on pork, chicken, and beef.

Spot the Difference: Jam, Jelly, Compote, and Marmalade

How are these four fruit spreads different?

Adobo Sauce Recipe

This adobo sauce is great with both roast meats and stir-fried veggies!

Kare-Kare Sauce Recipe

This kare-kare sauce is delicious with lechon kawali!

Crunchy Lechon Kawali Recipe

This is a basic recipe for Filipino lechon kawali!

Ube Chips Recipe

Munch on homemade ube chips for merienda. They are easy to make!

What Is Clarified Butter?

Learn how to make and use clarified butter in cooking!

Bacon and Bread Roast Chicken Stuffing Recipe

Make roast chicken even better with this bacon and bread stuffing!
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