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When was the first time you baked a cake?

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--- Quote from: admin on November 27, 2009, 05:30:20 PM ---wow congratulations! what exactly did you bake?

last christmas, i baked aileen anastacio's white chocolate cheesecake for friends. and early this year, i baked my very first bday cake for an inaanak, a strawberry shortcake.

--- Quote from: ice on September 22, 2009, 07:16:47 PM ---I baked my first cake just 2 or 3 weeks ago lang...

check the pic here. I took the recipe from joyofbaking.com...

the cake was soo good!


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its called choco banana cake...i also made the cupcake version for my son's birthday...

When i was in 1st year collage. I was forced to bake a chocolate mousse cake to pass in my culinary art subject.

i baked my first cake not at home but in school..i was 13 then...though we have an oven...my mother is not a fan of baking...so we seldom use it.. our final requirement in my TLE subject is to bake a chiffon cake....my teacher spend a lot of time demonstrating to us how to make one...after a week and its time to make it ourselves..my group is so scared to make mistakes that we have to read and recall the procedure step by step and measuring the ingredients so carefully...
thankfully the cake came out perfect..but we are so excited to take it out i force to remove it into the pan that i destroyed its appearance..haha

i started baking when i was 27yrs old. the first cake that i baked was a decadent chocolate cake, which turned out good and yummy. a birthday cake for my nephews.


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