• | Recipe | Waldorf Salad Vegetables

    Waldorf Salad

    Jul 08, 2009

    This was named after the New York Waldorf Astoria hotel where it was created by the dining room manager.

  • Fudge Brownies Chocolate

    Fudge Brownies

    Jun 26, 2009

    A brownie recipe from Chef Ernie Babaran of ISCAHM.

  • Raisin Nut Bar Fruit

    Raisin Nut Bar

    Jun 26, 2009

    Sweet raisin and nut snack bars from Chef Ernie Babaran of ISCAHM.

  • | Recipe | Ube Rolls Eggs

    Ube Rolls

    Jun 26, 2009

    This Ube Roll recipe is for more experienced bakers.

  • | Recipe | Shepherd's Pie Beef

    Shepherd's Pie

    Jul 02, 2013

    This is our version of the satisfying beef-and-potatoes combo. Go low-carb by using sweet potatoes.

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Dessert Buffet

Dessert Buffet

Next time you're entertaining, serve guests these mini desserts so they can have a little of everything!

Comfort Food, Filipino-style

Comfort Food, Filipino-style

Adobo, pancit, and lotsa local "ulam" to chase the blues away.


Which pasta noodles do you usually use when cooking carbonara?

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