• Pork

    Chorizo Tapas

    Aug 26, 2012

    Pair these with wine, gourmet cheese, and cozy music.

  • Beef

    Montadito Don Pepito

    Jan 19, 2013

    Montaditos are small sandwiches topped with an assortment of ingredients like tenderloin steaks.

  • Potato

    Pintxo de Tortilla

    Jan 16, 2013

    A Spanish pop-in-your-mouth treat made with potatoes, eggs, tuna, and mushrooms.

  • Pork

    Chorizo Flambe

    Jan 13, 2013

    This is a personalize-it dish. Just replace the ingredients with your preferred liquor or chorizo.

  • Pork


    Dec 07, 2010

    Similar to eggs benedict, this starts with a piece of bread, topped with meat and an egg.

Yummy Menus

Pizza Date!

Pizza Date!

Any pizza's secret weapon is in the crust. It's all about the crust, whether you like it thin or thick. Top as you wish!

Merienda Espesyal

Merienda Espesyal

If you're planning to entertain but want to save money, we suggest throwing a merienda rather than lunch or dinner. It's all about creativity and having fun!

Country Breakfast

Country Breakfast

Set up a brunch outdoors and have this sunny spread served. Great morning!


Which pasta noodles do you usually use when cooking carbonara?

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