• Must-Try This Summer: Cheesy Mamon Ice Cream

    Who knew this could be a real ice cream flavor?

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  • This Week's Food Finds: Frappucinos + Juices Perfect for Summer

    Roasted Marshmallow Símores, Summer Berry Panna Cotta fraps from Starbucks, plus healthy bottled juices and drinks!

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  • Kitchen Finds: Birthday Cake Scented Candle

    Fill your home with the delicious smell of birthday cake!

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  • Summer-Perfect Drink: MILO 3-Point Energy Chill

    We tried out the new Milo Nutri Up and mixed it with ice cream + cream-filled cookies.

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  • 5 Things You Should Grab at The Grocery Store This Summer

    Shop smart and donít let that heat get to you.

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  • Food Find: Chocolate Bars by Chuao Chocolatiers

    Chocolate this fun is serious business.

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  • Watch Out For The Hot Chicken from Lucky Chick!

    Itís our newest guilty pleasure.

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  • Grocery Run: 5 Drinks to Help Keep You Cool This Summer

    Everyone needs a cool drink on a hot day.

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  • Food Find: Cymaís Veggie Mezedes

    This time, vegetables take the spotlight.

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  • 5 Pasalubong Ideas to Bring Home to the Family

    Nothing is as Filipino as a good pasalubong.

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    Baked Salmon with Parmesan Recipe
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