16 Pulutan Picks

Crack open some brewskies and bond over our 16 pulutan picks.

October 13, 2010 | by Minnette Gamez-Aquino
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For us Filipinos, celebrations would be incomplete without several rounds of drinks and the food that comes along with it—pulutan.   

Pulutan cushions the impact of alcohol, especially when a get-together requires a long night of catching up with old friends, bonding with new buddies or celebrating milestones. Although it used to cover only food meant for picking up with your fingers while imbibing beer and other spirits, it has since expanded to include foods that require the use of cutlery. One wouldn't want to risk injury from picking up food from sizzling platters or hot stews. In some cases, it has been elevated to main course status, like the very popular sisig and crispy pata.

This is food meant for sharing. So next time friends come over for a round of beers, impress them by making big batches of one or several of these recipes.

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