Angel Kremdensada

Welcome Angel Kremdensada into your kitchen this Christmas!

December 16, 2010 | by Yummy
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Just in time for the holiday season, here comes Angel Kremdensada!

Angel Kremdensada is a brand new product that combines richness of cream and the sweetness of condensed milk. It simplifies the preparation of your favorite christmas desserts like fruit salads, refrigerator cakes, and shakes. And because you no longer need to buy two products for your dessert preparations, it brings much-needed savings to the budget-conscious home cook.

Pour a can on your favorite fruity mix and you will notice that it coats well. Best of all,  it won't turn your frozen desserts watery even after repeated freezing and thawing.  Aside from desserts, you can also use Angel Kremdensada for your every day needs. Use it to enrich the flavors of your macaroni soup, gourmet coffee, smoothies and champorado.

What recipes can you make with the new Angel Kremdensada? Check out the gallery below for some recipes:

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