May 24, 2012

April 2012 YUMMY Deals Winners

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By: Yummy

Are you one of the Yummy Deals' lucky winners of a Dairy Queen gift certificate, Masflex non-stick induction deep fry pan set, or McCormick gift pack from YUMMY magazine's April 2012 issue?

If you see your name in the list below, congratulations! Winners, PLEASE scroll down for guidelines.

Fifteen (15) winners of Dairy Queen gift certificate

1.    Mercedita O. Jabola

2.    Diane Ong

3.    Maria Pilar De Leon

4.    Christine Soriano

5.    Graciela Legaspi

6.    Margaret Chan

7.    Vivian Aguilar

8.    Millicent Joyce Soteo

9.    Isabel Llave

10.    Mara Esguerra

11.    Juan V. Antolin

12.    Danydel L. Barzaga

13.    Janice Que

14.    Ma.Belen Bermachea

15.    Regibelle Lyn Palo

Nine (9) winners of Masflex non-stick induction fry pan set

1.    Mary Lou Pangan

2.    Charina Nuesca

3.    May Llave

4.    Cecilia M. Esquivel

5.    Eileen Kathleen Laudit

6.    Eduardina Baldago

7.    Carolyn Ong

8.    Ailene D Sumpay

9.    Maritess Lejos

Fifteen (15) winners McCormick giftpacks

1.    Ferdie De Guzman

2.    Kristine Velasco

3.    Ruby Rosales

4.    Suzette Joy Dia

5.    Diana Habagat

6.    Millicent Joyce Soteo

7.    Abigail Sy

8.    Isabel Llave

9.    Rachela Anne Ramoso

10.    Shiermyla Miranda

11.    Charmaine Bautista

12.    Merlinda Little

13.    Jose G Ramos Jr

14.    Julieta Oroncillo

15.    Gerald Paguia

WINNERS, please read:

Remember to bring a valid ID matching the name used to enter the promo, your letter of notification and a copy of YUMMY's April 2012 issue when you claim your prize. 

You can claim your prizes at the Summit Media office, located at the 7th Floor of the Cybergate 3 Building Pioneer St. Corner EDSA , Mandaluyong City, Monday-Friday 10am-3pm. Provincial winners will receive their prize through courier. Redemption period is 60 days from from receipt of notice. Prizes are not convertible to cash. Unclaimed prizes outside of redemption period will be forfeited in favor of Summit Media with prior DTI approval.

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  • Myla Park Sep 13 2012 @ 04:24pm Report Abuse
    Sayang !!! I didn't got any noticed :(
    And I wasn't able to get my Mc Cormick gift packs.
    I will definitely try again next time ...
  • Eileen Jun 04 2012 @ 01:42am Report Abuse
    Hi Yummy,

    I am one of the winners but just like kitchenfairy I have not received any email or snail mail either. I hope that to get a notification soon. Thanks.
  • kitchenfairy May 29 2012 @ 09:17am Report Abuse
    I'm glad I won another prize from YUMMY!
    However, I have yet to receive my letter of notification, whether thru email or snail mail.

    I also won in the February Deals raffle, but never got the letter of notification, so I did not get to claim my prize.
    (Regibelle Palo)
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