June 21, 2011

The Best of The Maya Kitchen: Cakes and Pastries

Baking your first cake? This cookbook is the perfect guide for every baking newbie or for the occasional baker.

By: Aimee Morales

Thinking of baking your very first cake? This cookbook is the perfect guide for every baking newbie or for the occasional baker. I guarantee you, this one's a winner!

                                                        The Best of The Maya Kitchen:  Cakes and Pastries

As you all should know, Maya Kitchen has a very soft and special spot in my heart. Let me brief you. When I was a little girl of maybe four or five (that’s as far as I can remember), my mom had a little baking business during the Christmas season. She baked fruit cakes, apple walnut cakes (winner!), the best ensaymadas ever, and all sorts of cookies and bars. And on occasion, she’d do orders for chocolate cakes, lemon squares, and other special requests like molo, lasagna, and other ulams. The thing is, she did it alone. And at four years old, all I can do was cream the butter and sugar for her. Enter The Maya Kitchen: The Complete Guide to Baking, the first cookbook I ever owned, I learned how to bake cookies by myself. Then as the years went by, Mama just stopped baking to become a lawyer. Nice story, eh? Anyway, nostalgia aside, holding a copy of The Maya Kitchen: Cakes and Pastries brings back so much memories.

The Maya Kitchen: Cakes and Pastries is just one of the 19 very similar and easy-to-follow cookbooks from, you guessed it, The Maya Kitchen.  All recipes inside the book have a step-by-step guide with illustrations to match, which—in my humble opinion—needs a little updating, but still useful if you ask me.  Actually, the recipes look like YUMMY magazine’s, with the ingredients neatly arranged, for example, in Caramel Butter Tarts, the pastry ingredients are separated  from filling.

Plus at the beginning of The Maya Kitchen: Cakes and Pastries, there’s a spread dedicated t o “A Selection of Useful Cookware,” featuring all the baking tools you’ll ever need in baking any or all the recipes in the book. Hard-to-follow recipes have helpful tips, and if you encounter a never-heard word, there’s a glossary of terms; and a guide on temperatures, and measurements at the back.

My personal favorites in this book are the Food for the Gods (as easy as brownies!), French Apple Pie (easy as pie and a good first lesson on kneading dough), and dark fruit cake (just like how Mama used to bake it—but Mama's had more brandy though).

The Maya Kitchen: Cakes and Pastries (P 195) is available in National Book Store branches nationwide.

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  • mmbva Jul 31 2013 @ 09:30am Report Abuse
    i can not thank enough maya kitchen. my first bought book (1996) from maya kitchen was the complete guide to baking with 101 recipes. the recipes from this book helped me made both ends meet when i was jobless. i sell ensaymada, custard cakes, chocolate crinkles, cream puff and a lot more...all of them are blockbuster!!! and they are all maya kitchen recipes :)
    thank you maya kitchen :)
  • ann cristy pascua Jun 16 2012 @ 08:08pm View all replies1 Report Abuse
    marami aq matotona sa sarap pinoy mga lutuing pilipino dabest ng lutu ay the maya kitchen
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