DTI's Noche Buena price guide

Amid reports of price increases, the DTI posts a price guide for our favorite Christmas food items.

December 02, 2010 | by Minnette Gamez-Aquino

Now that the biggest shopping season is in full swing, the Department of Trade and Industry has released a price guide for Christmas food items on Wednesday morning. This comes a few days after reports of price increases in sugar, flour, bread and petroleum products were announced. In the list, the DTI enumerates the season's most important Noche Buena food items and their accompanying suggested retail price. Prices are relevant for both supermarkets and wet markets and are in effect nationwide, unless otherwise specified. 


Noche Buena staples on the list include ham, keso de bola, cheesefood, fruit cocktail, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, pasta, cream, condensed and evaporated milk. For the complete list, you can view it here.


So before you go shopping for your Noche Buena items, arm yourself with information. Make your list, stick to your budget and check the price tags of the goods you are about the buy. If you spot any violations, you may report it through the DTI hotline 7513330.

Grocery photo by Mariela Moreno | CC by nc-sa 2.0

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