Family dinners and more

Bringing back family dinners, home cooking on the decline in Europe and UNESCO honors French cooking.

November 26, 2010 | by Mike Aquino

Bring back family dinners

"Everything about our current lifestyle is pushing away connectedness. That's why it's so important to put your foot down and recapture this ritual." Laurie David wants to bring the family dinner back.  The climate activist and producer of An Inconvenient Truth believes that gathering the family over dinner is an opportunity where parents can teach manners and the art of conversation.


Kitchen orphans
Post-World-War-II social changes took European women out of the kitchen… but it also created generations of "kitchen orphans". These are the people who never witnessed their parents cooking at home and the reason why European home cooking is on the decline.  Apparently, the little conversations about food preparation between mother and daughter (or father and son) are a very effective way to teach cooking.


World cultural treasure: French cooking
UNESCO honors "intangible" world cultural treasures this year, and French cooking made the list. But its "artery-clogging richness of the saucing and the prissy presentation" is not for everyone.
From Yahoo News


No nuts allowed
Banning peanuts in the cafeteria has gone too far, warns allergy expert. Most kids aren't actually allergic to the foods they've been told to avoid. It's about time - allergyphobia is seriously detrimental to one's love life.
From Shots via NPR


Barack and his Bakso
When Barack Obama was in short pants running around Jakarta, he developed a love for a simple dish that stays with him to this day: bakso.
From Fox News Food & Drink


Holy cow!
If you're a Muslim in a blockaded town in the Middle East, you do what you have to do for the Eid Al-Adha feast - smuggle cows in through tunnels.
From Dine & Cook

Kimchi LA-style
How to make kimchi
- a step by step by a Korean chef in Los Angeles.
From Squid Ink via LA Weekly



Family dinner image from More Good Foundation | CC by nc 2.0
Cooking woman cooking image from Fadza Raf | CC by sa 2.0
Cassoulet image from Ewan Munro | CC by sa 2.0

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