• Food Business Idea: Bottled Spanish Bangus

    Bottled food are perfect as gifts, pasalubong, or instant ulam!

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  • 5 Cheeky Chicken Recipes Every Cook Needs in Their Repertoire

    Everyone needs a bit of chicken in their life.

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  • What is Umami?

    Ever tasted something with a savory flavor you can't quite describe? It's probably umami.

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  • 5 Chinese Recipes Every Cook Needs to Learn

    Itís time to forget about take out.

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  • 10 Recipes You Loved in January: Cheesecake, Carbonara + More!

    Which of these have you tried?

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  • There Are 100 Different Versions of Tapa!

    You can never have too much tapa.

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  • For Coffee Fans: The Philippine National Barista Championship is on January 23

    Find the best baristas and latte artists at this coffee festival!

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  • Meet The Next Big Thing in Dessert: Ube

    Purple is the new black.

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  • New Dessert Recipe to Try: Japanese Cheesecake

    Don't worry if it doesn't come out perfectly on the first try. Practice makes perfect!

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  • 6 Superfoods You Need To Know

    Because you deserve to be healthier.

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    Shrimp and Longganisa Pasta Recipe
    Add the tasty, garlicky goodness of longganisa to a tomato-based pasta sauce. Spanish chorizo works just as well.
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