• Pinoy Summer Desserts and Coolers: Which One Is Your Favorite?

    “Dirty ice cream” in pandesal, halo-halo, and more!

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  • Get Baon Ideas at the #YummyBigBaonBlowout

    See you this Saturday!

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  • 4 Tasty Ways to Use Potato Chips in the Kitchen

    Do you have an extra bag sitting in your pantry?

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  • 4 Dishes from Movies That Made Us Want to Eat (or Cook!)

    These made us go, "I wish I could eat that right now.”

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  • 4 Reasons Why You Should Have Lemon + Salt in Your Kitchen

    They’re so much more than just pantry staples!

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  • Facebook Launches a Page Dedicated to Food!

    Have you liked the page yet?

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  • Around The World in 5 Plates

    Stuck at home while everyone else is on vacation? Taste-travel to your dream destination with these dishes!

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  • Your Favorite Dishes Are a Giveaway That You’re a Tita

    Is kare-kare a favorite?

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  • 5 Grocery Items You Should Try This Week

    Hit the grocery and whip up summer-perfect meals with these finds.

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  • Should You Go to Culinary School?

    Because learning how to be a chef is so much more than just mastering a few recipes.

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    Leche Flan Cake
    Here’s a two-in-one treat you will love: a rich cake topped with leche flan, a Pinoy classic dessert.
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