10 ideas: Pinoy Sandwiches

Here are 10 ways to spice up your tried and tested tinapay at palaman combinations, Filipino-style.

May 17, 2012 | by Liz Yap

Yummy.ph | Recipe | Double Decker Ham and Egg Sandwich                              Lots of extra ham? Turn em into this Double Decker Ham and Egg Sandwich
                                                       or choose from these 10 Leftover Ham Ideas

1  Make it egg-citing
Hard-boiled eggs are always a popular addition to sandwiches. Switch things up a little by using hard-boiled eggs leftover from adobo. Since they've been infused with flavor from the peppercorns, bay leaves, and sauce, they’ll add a more savory dimension to your ordinary sandwich. (RELATED: How to Boil Eggs)

2  Ham it up
Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means: an abundance of ham! Use up leftover slices by making a Double Decker Ham and Egg Sandwich. If you have extra queso de bola on hand, you can add some to the egg spread too. (RELATED recipes: 8 Ideas: Leftover Lechon and Ham)

3  Local bruschetta
Our new favorite way to enjoy dishes like Lechon and sisig sans the guilt is to portion them out into bite-sized treats or mini open-faced sandwiches. Use them to top crostini or nestle them in bread baked in muffin cups (like you would Chicken a la King). Served this way, you get to enjoy the dish and practice portion control. (RELATED recipe: Chicken Meatloaf Muffins)

4  Fun in a bun
Eating sorbetes is somehow more enjoyable when the candy-colored scoops are placed in a bun, instead of atop a sugar cone. Though there's something to be said about eating it on the street, delivered to you by your friendly neighborhood mamang sorbetero, you can also make it at home and enjoy it any time the craving calls. Our tip: lightly toast the bread before you put the ice cream scoops in. The resulting hot-and-cold combination is unexpected and delicious! (RELATED recipe: Homemade Avocado Ice Cream)

5  Tapa cheesesteak
The humble cheesesteak is a simple concoction of caramelized onions and sautéed beef, drizzled with cheese and stuff ed in a small loaf of bread. Originally created in Philadelphia, you can make it Pinoy by using tapa as the main ingredient. Making this ingredient switch also turns the sandwich into an even simpler—not to mention more inexpensive—affair. (RELATED recipe: Philly Cheesecake Sandwich)

6  Chip in!
Sandwiches are often served with a handful of potato chips, but have you ever tried putting potato chips in your sandwiches? It adds a nice and salty crunch! Choose your favorite kind of local chichirya, break into smaller pieces, and put it in your sandwich.  (RELATED recipe: Tuna and Potato Chip Mac n' Cheese)

7  Go bananas
For a quick, no-fuss "jam" that uses fruits available all year long, turn to bananas. Got minatamis na saging or boiled saba bananas in syrup? Chop the strained bananas coarsely, add a little syrup, place in a blender, and purée. If you'd like a thicker consistency, simmer in a pan for a few minutes to cook it down. Smear spoonfuls onto piping hot pandesal or Spanish bread. (RELATED recipe: Pandesal French Toast with Caramelized Bananas and Kesong Puti)

8  Chicken salad spread, improved
We all grew up with chicken salad sandwich spread, in one form or another. The only problem with this hefty, hearty spread was that it was impossible to eat without making a mess: The bread would often be soggy and the filling would always fall out and end up on the table. To make an improved version of the classic favorite, use baguettes. Slice in half lengthwise and, with your fingers, gently scoop out a bit of bread down the center of one baguette half, creating an elongated cavity or a trench. Place the filling in the trench you’ve created, then top with the other half. (Don't discard the crumbs! You can use them in meatballs and other recipes.) (RELATED article: 5 Fresh Ideas for Day-old Bread)

9  Pinoy favorites in sandwich form
Reinvent your favorite Pinoy dishes by simply turning them into sandwiches! Instead of arroz a la cubana, do a pandesal a la cubana—just swap out the rice for bread. With ground meat, a fried egg, and fried bananas, it’s a wonderful all-in-one meal. Turning these dishes into sandwiches is a convenient way to enjoy them even when you’re on the go. (RELATED recipe: Beef Chili with Pandesal)

10  Our daily bread
Experiment and use different kinds of bread for your sandwiches: ensaymada, mamon, monay, taisan. Just remember to take into account your fillings and spreads, and use the right kind of bread to get a good contrast of flavors. A sweet, buttery brioche like ensaymada, for example, would go well with a salty filling like ham or bacon. (RELATED recipe: Cheesy Ensaymada)

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