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June 07, 2010 | by Yummy

We thank the food blogosphere for participating in our Yummy Bloggers' promo this May! We've received yummy entries from many bloggers sharing their experiences trying out any of the recipes featured in the Yummy May issue



Here's the winning blog entry by Jennifer Valmonte.




A New Way to Enjoy Chicken



My brother and I are big fans of Yummy Magazine, but ever since we rarely check out the magazine stands and bookstores, the only way we could see the recipes from the magazine was through their website - http://www.yummy.ph/ - I know having the real magazine in our rack was always a best thing to have especially on days that one cannot think what to serve, which is why when I met up with my friends last Saturday (08 May), and saw a copy of Yummy Magazine, I didn't hesitate to have a copy for myself.



One confession to make - I have been very, very much into chicken lately. I remember the time I came home from Bolinao, I was eating chicken during lunch and dinner for one week straight... and I wasn't getting tired eating it! Funny, I have been checking my skin if I already growing feathers (just kidding). Anyway, the magazine has some chicken recipes, but what caught my attention was this recipe: Saucy Chicken with Mango.



I bought the magazine on Saturday, and planned on cooking the dish last Tuesday. However, someone in the family must've not heard me when I told that no one should touch the mangoes I took home from Bolinao (there were only 2 left). As I prepare for the dish for dinner last Tuesday, I found out that the mangoes were missing, and that I wasn't able to add the leeks on the list of things to buy when brother went to the grocery after he voted. The dish is certainly nothing without the mangoes and leeks, so I waited for the right timing. The timing came last night, my 30th birthday.



With the ingredients complete, I decided to cook this dish for our dinner. At first I was doubting if I could really cook the chicken in just 1/4 cup of water, and to my surprise I was able to! :) The smell of the ginger and the chicken certainly gave me that hint of "tinola," and when I added the leeks to sauce and chicken it made it seem as if I was cooking tinola in a different way. [read the rest of the entry in Jennifer's blog]




Congratulations, Jennifer! You've just won a Yummy magazine subscription and a Mr. Jones gift certificate! Link love: Check out other notable blog entries from other participants.


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Chicken photo by Jennifer Valmonte

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