Man Eats Only Pizza for a Month

All-pizza diet, worst cookbook typo, the most expensive coffee, etc!

April 23, 2010 | by Yummy
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We round up what's cooking on the web this week.

- It's Dairy Queen's 25th birthday! Source: Serious Eats

- Check out a list of 7 Eco-Friendly Wines. Source: Slashfood

- Want to know the world's worst cookbook typo? Source: AP via Huffington Post

- Is your favorite film in this list of Top 10 Fast Food Movies? Source: Shadowlocked

- Marketman poses this question: How clean is your dried fish? Source: Market Manila

- You'll never guess what the most expensive coffee is made of. Source: Huffington Post

- A Martha Stewart video game to be launched. Source: Platform Nation

- London cooks up a CSI-type cooking show. Source: Serious Eats

- Can you do what this man's doing? He's eating pizza, and nothing but pizza, for an entire month! Source: Grubstreet New York

- You still have a few days left to join our Frazzled Cook and Yummy Quick & Good promos!†

Pizza photo from: / CC BY-SA 2.0

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