Toaster Oven Trivia

Do you know that you can bake, broil, and roast with your toaster? Know more here.

May 31, 2012 | by Rachelle Santos

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   Popular toaster recipes: Miso-marinated Seafood Kebabs, Baked Cashew and Herb-crusted Fillet, Baked
       Mac and Cheese Cups, Eggplant Roll-ups, Banana Muffins, Chicken and Vegetable Satay, and more

The toaster oven was first introduced in 1938 as the evolution of the toaster into a small oven. Like its forerunner, it works on radiant heat produced by metal coils, usually located both at the top and bottom of the oven.

Small and sensible
With its compact size and quick heating capability, the toaster oven toasts or warms food in a short span of time, making it the perfect appliance for people on the go, students living in dorms, and for those with limited kitchen space.

Cooking wonder
A toaster oven is mainly used for toasting breads, reheating leftovers, and warming up frozen packaged foods. But the more advanced models, which are bigger and equipped with a thermostat control, can perform most functions of a regular oven such as baking, broiling, and roasting—but on a smaller scale.

In the store
Various toaster oven models are available at department stores and appliance centers with prices ranging from P600 to P2,000.

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Photography by Patrick Martires | Styling by Rachelle Santos | Featured Appliance: Kyowa Oven Toaster


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