Top 10 Savory Recipes of 2010

Presenting the savory recipes you've been clicking on and cooking up from!

December 30, 2010 | by Yummy
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We're pretty sure you've served up some delicious creations from your kitchen this 2010. We at hope we've been part of that burst in culinary excitement in your home. So what have been our readers clicking on, searching for and cooking up from the site? Check the gallery below for the year's 10 most popular recipes covering main dishes and appetizers. Did any of your favorites make the cut? We hope so.

Happy new year everyone! Here’s to more cooking in 2011!

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    Recipe of the Day

    Lemon-Berry Yogurt Parfaits
    The meringue in this dessert adds another level of sweetness and a playful crunch that wonderfully complements the creamy yogurt.
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