Best Local Food Blogs: Part 3

Here are the last four of the year's best food blogs and the final installment of a three-part feature.

December 08, 2009 | by Bridgette Ann Rebuca
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Our Daily Blog ( )
Mitzi Reodica always had an interest in blogging even before she tied the knot. Perhaps it is even marriage itself which propelled her flair for writing through her online food and beverage journal: . While truly a passionate food enthusiast, Mitzi Reodica admits that she can’t cook. So isn’t it any wonder why she’s always on the search for sumptuous, worth-every-dime eats and dining discoveries, all of which are recorded neatly and thoughfully in Our Daily Blog?!

Light, friendly and honest, the site reads like a friends’ journal. It recounts not only the good food but also the happy memories that she and her husband had while dining. Mitzi writes hers and her husband’s dining experiences with candor and excitement about the best restaurants--her old favorites and new finds, and even about the not so good experiences. Aside from eating out, she also writes about fab food items, tips and travel adventures. Truly, the blog is on the hunt to experience life at its fullest with a daily quest for great food and dining experiences.

Does your lifestyle as a couple reflect on your blog?
Our lifestyle as voracious eaters? That would have to be a yes! Hahaha! Our blog reflects how we love to go out and discover new places to eat in. It also shows how we complement each other as a couple, me with my interest in writing and my hubby with his love of photography.

What are your inspirations?

I basically get my inspiration from a number of wonderful food blogs whose authors have established themselves as food blog gurus, like David Lebovitz’s “Living the Sweet Life in Paris”, “Dessert Comes First”, and “Table for Three Please”.

Do you and your husband post separately? And do you have any disagreements on what to post or what not to post?
I basically do the posting and my hubby does the photography. Recently though, he has been teaching me how to improve on my macro shots and he just gives a nod of approval to the photos I take and post. We agree on things 99.9% of the time.

Are there any controversial posts thus far?
We try to steer away from controversy so aside from minor complaints I have of the food and services we encounter, you won’t find anything controversial in our blog.

What are your food, beverage and dining preferences?
Our dining preferences do influence our blog. It’s not really the cuisine, but the dining experience as a whole that makes or breaks the restaurant.

What is your favorite cuisine?
That’s a tough question, as we love to try many cuisines and realize there are very few, if any, that we dislike. But if I were to choose just one, I think I’d say it has to be Japanese.

What are your favorite restaurants in the metro?
Asian and Italian cuisines make up the majority of our blog content. Among our favorite restaurants are Malacca, Tsukiji, Piazzo, Spiral, and the midnight craving satisfaction of Charlie’s.

What are your recent yummy food discoveries and recommendations?
During our trip to Binondo, I discovered that delicious food doesn’t have to come from some fancy restaurant. If you love authentic Chinese food, brave the streets of Binondo and it will definitely satisfy your craving.

How much of your time is taken up by keeping your blog? Does keeping a blog affect your job?
It takes maybe an hour for me to create and complete a blog entry but it takes more to search for a new restaurant to try, or surf other blogs for inspiration. Keeping a blog does take me away from the stress of my work so I love creating entries.

If your blog were a dish or delicacy, what would it be?
It would have to be sashimi, because it’s fresh and unadulterated.

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