March 2, 2010

Rosebud Benitez

The Quickfire host recalls the road she took to becoming a chef.

By: Angelo Comsti


How and when did you discover your love for cooking?
The yearning to learn cooking came later in my life. My background is actually in baking. With pastry-making, you take your time and measure every ingredient precisely. One wrong move and you have to start all over again. But with cooking, ingredients are not really measured; instead, we just eyeball it. I didn’t really learn to cook well until I entered culinary school. It was a month into my studies before I realized that this was what I was meant to do. I suddenly had the passion for creating different dishes—in spite of the heat, stress, and pressure in the hot kitchen.

Growing up, what drew you to the  kitchen?

When I was younger, I took up short baking courses, thus, my love for baking began. Also, my mom would always ask me to help her in the kitchen so that I could learn how to cook or at least learn how to make rice. As I grew older, I enrolled in schools that offered short cooking courses. I also grew up watching "Wok with Yan" and the Dazas cook on TV.

Now you yourself are on TV. You must get recognized when you go out.

When I started Quickfire, more people recognized me. One time, I was at the mall shopping when a group of women asked to have their picture taken with me individually. I obliged. All of them left after a bit of chitchat except for one girl. Then she blurted out, “Chef, pwedeng pa-kiss?” I was taken aback at first but I just said sure. She gave me a peck on the cheek and she left screaming, “I got to kiss her!” over and over again. It was weird but also amusing.

Any other endeavors aside from your TV show?

I am putting together a small cooking class in the comfort of my own home. A cookbook is also in progress.

As a young mom, what kind of food do you feed your kids?

With Katrina, 16, and Kyle,12, I just feed them whatever it is I cook and eat. I make sure that they get a balanced diet every day. Vegetables are in every meal. It was never really hard for me to feed them that because if they see me eat something, they instantly try it and they usually like it. My kids are pretty adventurous when it comes to eating. They have no qualms about eating sashimi and sushi, and they can eat up to three pieces of balut each without feeling disgusted!


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  • sonny Aug 01 2011 @ 11:01pm Report Abuse
    hi ms rosebud im fan of yours,coz u got a beauty,brain and talent keep up ill alaways watch your quickfire.always take care.nsonny
  • Tom Magic Nov 02 2010 @ 08:12am Report Abuse
    Find best culinary schools in us and get informaton about cooking school accreditation.
  • Iris Oppus Jul 05 2010 @ 03:13pm Report Abuse
    hi chef!..i really love watching your shows..more power
  • Mei Sotto Mar 09 2010 @ 08:48am Report Abuse
    I like her. I sometimes get to watch her show and it is very educational. I also took up a short course for cooking and my classmates also love her show. Its like taking short courses for free. We love her!
  • Carol Sim Mar 06 2010 @ 09:50pm Report Abuse
    I agree with Kathy. She doesn't even know how to cut vegetables like a real chef does. One time I watched Quickfire, I got so turned off when she called the golden/enoki mushroom as straw mushroom. Geez, even mushrooms she can't name properly. I don't see what the hype about her is all about.
  • Kathy Barreto Mar 05 2010 @ 11:25pm Report Abuse
    I don't get her as a chef. There are greater chefs out there who deserves the opportunity than Rosebud. I don't know how Rosebud is a great chef.
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