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Read about this bank executive-weekend teacher-blogger's obsession to make the perfect macaron.

September 17, 2012 | by Liezl Yap

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During a trip to Paris a few years ago, banking executive and blogger Trissa Lopez drew up a list of things she wanted to accomplish in the immediate future. The list was short and sweet, but taking the top spot was something that she had been obsessed with for years: Makin the perfect macaron. "When I started making macarons, there was hardly any information about how to make them, so everything was trial and error—or, more appropriately, error and error!" She shares, "I was obsessed with making macarons to the point where I would attempt two or three batches a day, but still with no success. The failures just mademe want to try harder."

And try harder she did. Trissa left no stone unturned in her mission to make the perfect macaron, even attending a class in Paris taught in French, despite not being able to speak a word of the language. She purchased different books on the subject and used Google to translate the ones in French. It took a good long while, but after many tearful attempts, several books, and classes, Trissa finally achieved macaron success.

After perfecting her macaron-making technique, Trissa wanted to pay it forward and share what she had learned. She decided to approach The Essential Ingredient, an Australian cookware shop with a cooking school arm, to ask about the possibility of teaching macaron classes there. "I didn't think they were going to say yes," she laughs. "When they asked me what qualifications I had, I said that I didn’t study cooking professionally, nor ever worked in a kitchen. The only reason I thought I was the most qualified to teach macarons was the number of times I had failed in making them. I told them that I could easily relate to people who were so desperate to make them but were too scared to because of the reputation macarons had." Today, Trissa has taught several weekend classes on macarons, getting a natural high from teaching students how to make the delicate French confections. "The thing I love most is when students send me pictures of macarons they have made or email me their success stories. It makes me proud to think that I taught them!"


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