5 Genius Baking Tips From Readers

Our readers gave us some awesome baking tips!

Our Best Baking Secrets for Fluffy Homemade Bibingka

You can make fluffy bibingka in a regular oven.

WATCH: How to Make a Red Velvet Cake

This moist and delicious red velvet cake is impossible to resist!

WATCH: How to Make a Classic Chiffon Cake

Here's a soft, light, and delicious classic chiffon cake recipe to try at home!

This Baking Tool is the Secret to Fluffy Cakes

Use a balloon wire whisk to make the fluffiest of cakes!

WATCH: How to Make Frozen Brazo de Mercedes

This four-layered Filipino dessert recipe makes for the ultimate sweet treat!

Here's How to Bake Better Stuffed Cookies

You'll always have a chewy inside!

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Boxed Cake Mixes

There are a few surprising ways to use boxed cake mixes. Get creative in the kitchen!

How Much Does the Rainy Weather Affect Your Baking?

Here's how you can make the necessary adjustments.

WATCH: How to Make Calamansi Muffins

Enjoy these tangy-sweet muffins!
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