Classic Filipino Desserts That Sum Up Your Childhood

Cathedral windows, mamon, chiffon cake, and more!

These Pinoy sweets are favorites for a reason! Do you remember your parents or grandparents making these homemade treats for you when you were a kid? Merienda wouldn't be complete without these treats. Use these recipes to recreate them in your own home, and create new memories with your family!


1  Cathedral Windows

This simple gelatin-based dessert used to be the star of every Pinoy party buffet spread: colorful cubes hanging in between round or square-shaped domes that make for fun cutting and serving!


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This Filipino dessert is a fun panna cotta and gelatin treat with sweet and tart flavors.


2  Brazo de Mercedes

Your lola’s brazo de Mercedes is undoubtedly the best—we know. How can anyone resist the sweet yema filling inside clouds of fluffy meringue?


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This dessert has everything from a crisp crust to a cool, creamy filling.


3  Coconut Macaroons

These chewy, bite-sized coconut treats are so simple to make! Have them with coffee or tea for merienda.


4  Chiffon Cake

Pinoy birthday parties would not be complete without a classic chiffon cake as part of the spread! They come frosted in many flavors: caramel, yema, and mocha.


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We can never get tired of these cakes!




Soft, pillowy mamon, or sponge cakes, are the ultimate merienda! These are often served slathered lightly with butter, but we love the ones with cheese or ube folded into the batter, too.


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Watch these step-by-step videos on how to cook your favorite Pinoy dishes!

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Indulge in these proudly Pinoy desserts!

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