5 Life-Saving Holiday Kitchen Hacks

Save time and effort in the kitchen this holiday season with these helpful holiday cooking hacks.

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Hack your way into the holiday season with cooking and baking hacks for a stress-free noche buena. Food prep and entertaining are much easier with holiday hacks on what to freeze, what to make ahead, and the best way to prep your ingredients. 


1 Cool down

During parties, keep all your drinks in a cooler. This way, you will have ample space in your refrigerator and freezer for pre-prepped salads and veggies, meats in marinade, and leftovers. 


2 Wrap it up! 

Speaking of drinks—did you know that there is a quick way to chill room-temperature wine quickly? Wrap a damp paper towl around the wine bottle and place it in the freezer for at least half an hour. 


3 Oven-to-table

Use casserole dishes that can go straight to the dinner or buffet table from the oven. This saves you time and effort in both preparation and clean-up. 


4  Make ahead and freeze.

Components of your mains and desserts can be made days or weeks ahead: cookie dough, pie crusts, roast stuffings, broth, and stock all hold well in the freezer. 


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5 Keep your recipes visible

Write down or print out your recipes on a piece of paper and tape it onto your cupboard or wall, right next to your work station. You'll have everything you need at a glance instead going through your phone or flipping through a cookbook in between food prep and cooking time.



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