6 Chilly Desserts That Can Beat The Summer Heat

It's time to chill out.

Summer is the absolute perfect time to indulge in sweet and chilly treats. If you’re going to cool off in the shade after a long day under the sweltering sun, you might as well do it with a frosty ice cream sundae in your hand, right? Because what would summer be without tons and tons of ice cream, shaved ice, and whipped cream?


To help you get in the sunny summer groove, here are some of our coolest summer treats:




Mango Avocado and Lychee Ice Candy

When fruit are in season, why not use them in whatever way possible? This classically Pinoy treat features mangoes, avocados and lychees in all their sweet glory.




Fruity Ice Pops

Get the kids involved in the kitchen and let them help you make these absolutely adorable fruity ice pops. Feel free to switch up the fruits with whatever your family loves!




Mais con Hielo

This dessert is perfect for when you’re feeling extra lazy but still want something sweet in the heat.  All you really need is a can opener and a bag of crushed ice!




Buko Limoncello Recipe

There’s nothing as refreshing as buko or young coconut. The meat is light and sweet, and the juice is the perfect thing for quenching your thirst on a hot summer’s day. We upped the ante a bit by dousing buko lychee sherbet with tart limoncello liqueur.




Chilled Yogurt with Fruit Jam Recipe

If you’re feeling up for something nice and cool in the morning, why not try this super easy breakfast treat? It’s at its best served chilled.




Ginataang Saging at Sago

This classic summer treat takes us straight to our childhoods. There isn’t anything quite like sweet, caramelized bananas, served atop a heaping mound of freshly shaved ice, is there?




Summer Shakes and Drinks You Have to Make Today


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