7 Time-Saving Dinner Recipes for Busy Days

Get food on the table, fast!

On busy days, turn to these home cook-friendly and time-saving dinner recipes that require minimal prep by pantry staples as ingredients. Plus, with exciting and creative seasoning combinations, you can get an incredible amount of flavor in a jiffy.



1  Sambal Roast Chicken


You can easily and quickly roast chicken in a turbo broiler. Plus, all those fragrant Asian spices make up for incredible flavor in this roast chicken recipe!





2  Bam-I


This 30-minute noodle dish has a bite of everything: crisp veggies, tasty sausage, and a dash of tart calamansi juice.




3  Chicken Satay


Make busy weeknights easy with this simple chicken satay dish. It cooks in only a few minutes, and turmeric is a great way to flavor chicken breasts. Don’t forget the peanut dipping sauce!




4  Pork Tenderloin


The pork tenderloin meat cut is easy to cook. Throw in a few pantry staples plus a pinch of fresh herbs for a delicious sauce to go with it.




Salmon Belly Sinigang


Cozy up to a warm bowl of the Filipino classic, sinigang. Try a different protein this time—salmon belly is a great choice because it tenders up quickly in a simmering soup.




6  Beef Rice Bowl


Everything ingredient in this recipe only needs a quick sauté, then you can throw everything into a bowl and dig in!




7  Tortellini Pasta Salad


Quick-cooking pasta tastes great with a zesty dressing and lots of vegetables.



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