Got a Bottle of Sardines at Home? These Recipes Will Be Easy Peasy!

Bottled Spanish sardines give loads of flavor to homemade dishes.

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You can make almost anything extra flavorful with bottled Spanish sardines: pasta, soup, vegetables, and plain old rice! It’s a pantry staple that keeps well and isn’t too heavy on the wallet, either. A typical bottle of sardines is often packed with oil and pickled veggies. You can use the oil to cook these dishes and throw in the pickles for an extra layer of flavor.


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Here's an easy Spanish-style sardines recipe you can pull off at home!


Here are some of our super quick recipes that utilize your favorite bottle of Spanish sardines. You can cook these for breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner.


1 Linguine with Bottle Sardines

This oil-based pasta is the perfect chance for you to use the leftover oil you have from your bottle of sardines.

Mix bottled sardines into your pasta!


2 Baked Eggs with Sardines

Thinking of new ways to enjoy sardines for breakfast? Have it with spinach and eggs!

One-pan meals makes breakfast easy!


3 Misua with Sardines

Give your soup flavor effortlessly with sautéed sardines. It’s completely fuss-free.

This easy soup recipe can be reserved for busy weekdays!


4 Spanish Sardines Cream Spread with Crostini

Entertaining friends over the weekend? Here’s a quick appetizer recipe.

Chef Melissa Sison shares her secrets to a cheat's easy dinner party starting with this easy appetizer.


5 Sardines Puttanesca

This pasta sauce recipe has sardines as a base. It pairs perfectly with tangy tomatoes!

This puttanesca uses bottled sardines. It has more flavor with less salt than anchovies.



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