Do Kitchen Magic! 10 Tools to Make Kitchen Prep Easier

Never thought these tools could be so handy?



Have you tried using common household items for culinary purposes? These can pull double-duty in the kitchen:


1. Use an ENVELOPE with a snipped corner as a funnel for dry ingredients and spices.


2. Use BOWLS to peel garlic. Place cloves in a bowl, cover with another bowl, and shake.


3. Use a CHOPSTICK to level off ingredients in a measuring cup.


4. Use a MELON BALLER to scoop out tomato seeds or core an apple.


5. Use an old CAN to cut dough and form perfectly round cookies and biscuits.


6. Use a PAPER PLATE when transferring dry ingredients to a stand mixer.


7. Use a sturdy STRAW to core a strawberry.


8. Use a GRATER to strain citrus fruits. Squeeze fruit over a flat grater to keep seeds out of the juice.


9. Use a SQUEEZABLE KETCHUP BOTTLE to pour pancake batter onto the pan.


10. Use UNSCENTED DENTAL FLOSS to slice soft food like cheesecakes and hard-boiled eggs.



Tips by Idge Mendiola featured originally appeared in the July 2014 issue of Yummy magazine. Main image by Miguel Nacianceno

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