5 Easy Lunches You Can Make with Ground Beef

Ground beef is easy to cook with at home.

A trip to the grocery wouldn’t be complete without grabbing a kilo or two of ground meat. It’s a wonderful protein to cook with for its affordability and versatility. Here’s a round-up of recipes we love to use when we’re cooking with ground beef. If you season your beef correctly, you’ll get wonderful flavor in your dishes! 


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Here's how to shop for this versatile ingredient.


1 Picadillo Cubano

You can use this Tex-Mex-inspired picadillo to fill up hard taco shells, top nachos, or as filling for cheesy quesadillas. Add extra bell peppers if you want to!


This flavor-packed ground-beef recipe is a base for nachos, soft tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.


2 Chili Con Carne

This warm, comforting bowl of chili con carne comes together in one pot. Have it with lots of rice and cheese.


Serve this chili con carne over rice or with crunchy tortilla chips.


3 Classic Bolognese Sauce

Who doesn’t love a classic meaty tomato sauce? You can mix it a little basil to give it an herby kick.


Also known as ragu alla bolognese, bolognese sauce is a classic that every food fan should master.


4 Ampalaya Con Carne

We’re mostly including this recipe in the line-up because we want you to eat your vegetables, but really—this dish is delicious!


Looking to add more veggies in your meals? Try this easy recipe.


5 Arroz a la Cubana

Ground beef, fried eggs, and fried bananas—this classic trio never goes out of style!


Topped with a classic trio ground beef, fried egg, and fried bananas this plate of rice makes for a wonderful meal anytime of the day.

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Serve with fried egg, fried bananas, and rice for a wonderful meal.



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Here is a quick look at the different cuts of beef and what they are used for.

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