Holiday Casserole Recipes Just in Time for Christmas

Casseroles can be one-step solutions to the holiday craze: they're fast, easy, and fuss-free.

Doing the prep work for all the potluck parties you have to attend, or for all the holiday parties that you are hosting, can be a tiring task! These casserole recipes are easy to put together, and only require a few mainstay ingredients. Plus, you will only have one dish to clean up afterwards. They make for the perfect party contribution and are sure to be hits at your festive dinners! 


1 Chicken and Rice Casserole with Tomato Alfredo Sauce

Here's a quick tip for making fuss-free casseroles: use bottled sauces to cut down on prep work.



2 Holiday Mac and Cheese

Use ham and queso de bola, two Filipino Christmastime favorites, to make a Santa-approved version of mac and cheese!



3  Chicken Casserole

This one-pan casserole recipe has a creamy chicken filling topped with fluffy mashed potatoes. 



4 Baked Creamy Potato-Bacon Mushroom Casserole

Potatoes, bacon, and mushrooms? This casserole recipe couldn't get any better! 



5 Cheesy Enchilada Casserole

Roll up a few enchiladas, cover them in a rich sauce, and bake until the shredded cheese on top gets toasty. You only need six ingredients to make this casserole. 


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