5 Recipes to Make When You Don't Feel Like Cooking

You can have a meal on the table in a flash without turning on the stove!

Energize your weeknight meals with these speedy and completely fuss-free no-cook dinners. As much as possible, find a balance between eating enough greens and getting enough protein into these meals. Be ready with grocery basics: toasty bread, bottled fish, fresh fruit, and leafy greens. These no-cook recipes also prove that when it comes to leftovers, the possibilities are endless!



1  Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Head over to your nearest grocery and get the juiciest rotisserie chicken available. Slice off some pieces and pair it with pesto, herby focaccia, and a handful of greens! 




2  Olive and Feta Pasta Salad 

Here's an easy way to use your leftover pasta without turning on your stove: jazz it up with bright lemon juice and tasty olives and cheese. 




3  Salmon and Avocado Salad

Get that protein kick with fresh sushi-grade salmon! This super filling salad also has avocado to make you power through your day. 




4  Kinilaw with Green Mangoes

This Filipino favorite it a real work of art. Use the freshest fish and let it sit in vinegar to cook before digging in. 




5  Tinapa Spread

This spread can go anything from crackers to sliced bread. Use leftover tinapa to make this 5-minute recipe! 



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