Our Best Bacon Recipes

It makes everything better!

If there's one thing we can't get enough of, it's bacon. Salty, crunchy, and all those little bits of tasty pork fat in between—what's not to love? Don't limit yourself to only having it for breakfasts and brunches. Have it in your merienda, lunch, dinner, and dessert, too!



Elvis Sandwich


This sandwich was Elvis Presley's favorite: salty bacon, sweet peanut butter, and fresh bananas! It has a great play of soft, smooth, and crunchy textures, too.




Bacon and Cheese Pull-Apart Bread


This pull-apart bread is one of those recipes that don't even need specifics. Pile on those toppings freely! With extra bacon, of course. 




Mushroom and Bacon Fried Rice


Day-old rice can be unappealing to prep and eat again. Unless you add bacon, of course!




Creamy Chicken and Bacon Pesto


Crunchy bacon bits are great with creamy pesto! 



Cheesy Bacon Waffles and Chicken Tenders


Cheese can help cut down on the saltiness of bacon. Pair them with fresh waffles and chicken tenders, and you have yourself a winning brunch dish! 



Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes with Maple Butter Frosting


If you haven't had bacon on anything sweet yet, you're definitely missing out. Sweet and salty desserts will never go out of style. Step out of your comfort zone and try something different today! 



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Love bacon? There are so many things you can serve with this savory treat!

More from Yummy.ph
Proof that bacon makes everything taste better.

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