How to Peel, Slice, and Chop Garlic

Learn the best hacks and tips to prepping an essential base ingredient: garlic!


Garlic is a pantry staple that is used as a base aromatic for many dishes. Here's a guide on how to prep it from peeling, to slicing, to chopping! We have a hack for peeling garlic in large batches, and a simple trick to keep garlic from sticking to your knife. 


How to peel a garlic clove:


With a paring knife, slice off the two end of the garlic clove.


2  Carefully peel off the skin.




How to peel a large amount of garlic:


1  Smash one bulb (or more) of garlic.


2  Place garlic cloves in a bowl (stainless steel works well), and top with another bowl.


3  Shake vigorously for a few seconds.


4  Pick out the peeled garlic and discard the skin.



How to slice garlic:


1  With a chef’s knife, run the tip of your knife through the garlic.


2  Remember to keep the tip of the knife on the board.



How to chop garlic:


Version 1


Smash a garlic clove with the flat body of your knife.


Chop through.


Version 2


1  Slice through horizontally once, keeping one end intact.


2  Slice through vertically, keeping one end intact.


Flip the garlic clove perpendicularly and slice through vertically.


4  For a fine mince, run your knife through the garlic several times


Tip: Add a pinch of salt to avoid garlic from sticking to your knife.



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