Never, Ever Wash These Food Items Down the Drain

Dispose these properly!

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There are proper ways to dispose your excess food, and your sink should never be an option! Read our tips on what food items should never be thrown into the sink, and how to dispose of them properly.


1 Cooking oil, melted butter, or rendered animal fat

Warm or hot fats are liquid, but will eventually cool down, thicken, and clog up your pipes. Other smaller food items may cling to hardened fat and make your problem worse, too. Place excess oil in a sealable plastic or glass bottle, and throw it out with your regular garbage.  


2 Flour

When flour mixes with water, it turns into a sticky mess. The build-up will definitely clog your pipes! Throw excess flour into your biodegradable trash bin.


3 Coffee grounds

Why are you throwing your coffee grounds into the sink, anyway? The plants in your garden will love them.


4 Produce stickers

Take the extra time to peel off produce stickers instead of scrubbing or washing them off into the sink when your rinse your fruit. These stickers contain plastic—which doesn’t decompose in water at all.


5 Rice and other grains

Rice and grains are small, but will expand and absorb water if they sit in it too long. Place a net over your sink to catch these tiny food items, then dispose of them in your biodegradable trash bin.


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