What is Grass-Fed Beef and How Do You Cook It?

Leaner beef cuts are flavorful!

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Grass-fed meat means these are from animals raised eating grass. In Australia, which produces 4% of the world’s beef supply, is also the world’s biggest source for grass-fed beef. 97% of Australia’s cattle is grass-fed and while it cannot be dubbed “the healthiest”, grass-fed meat is leaner and low in fat and cholesterol. There’s less marbling, external fat, and there’s a robust beef flavor because of the lean cut.


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We have meaty information: Know your meat cuts with our visual guide.


How to prep grass-fed beef at home? Here are a few tips:


1 Go for rare or medium well

Showcase the robust flavor by not grilling it or pan-frying until it is well-done. Make sure the meat is juicy and tender by going a little rare than usual.


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How do you like your steak?


2 Use the flank and skirt to show off the beefy flavor.


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Follow these tips to make great-tasting, melt-in-your-mouth steaks every time!


Making steak is not the only option when using grass-fed beef. Australian grass-fed beef is currently showcased in several restaurants in Metro Manila and Cebu. Special dishes using Australian grass-fed beef are available in restaurants such as 8 Cuts (all branches), Dean & Deluca, 22 Prime in Discovery Suites, Flame in Discovery Primea, Pappa Diddi’s in Ortigas, Pasig, and several buffet restaurants such as Hyatt City of Dreams and Shangri-la, The Fort until August 20, 2017:






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Here is a quick look at the different cuts of beef and what they are used for.


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