You Need to Add These Pili Nuts to Your Secret Chocolate Stash

Munch on buttery, freshly-roasted pili nuts covered in milk and chocolate.

IMAGE Patrick Martires


Risa Chocolates, a proudly Filipino chocolate company, churns out products made with local ingredients while supporting small-scale farmers. Among their newest additions to their impressive list of products is a stand-out showstopper: The Pilitas.


Owner Pam Lim-Cinco, whose goal has always been to place Philippine chocolate on the map, has two varieties of The Pilitas: the first is the original, where freshly roasted, extremely buttery, local pili nuts are dusted lightly with a blend of chocolate and milk.



The second version of The Pilitas is Dark Chocolate with Coco Sugar, where the health-conscious can munch on buttery pili nuts covered in Risa Chocolates’ 60% South Cotabato dark chocolate.


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Risa Chocolates brings something special to our local food and beverage industry: 100% locally-made chocolate.


Risa Chocolates is available at Risa Chocolate Kitchen, Somascan Building, CRM Avenue, BF Almanza, Las Pinas 1770, Philippines.


Online orders are also available through , and


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