10 Most Popular Yummy.ph Recipes for 2014

Cheesecakes, chocolate cake, and mango desserts top the list. Which one is your favorite?


Now, we really know you love dessert—whether it’s a no-bake cheesecake, a mud pie, or one made with luscious sweet mangoes. Here are your fave recipes in 2014, plus more suggested recipes you can whip up in 2015:



1. Easy Oreo Cheesecake



2. Steamed Orange Chocolate Cake



3. Mango Cream Cheesecake



4. Yema Cake



5. Mango Sago



6. Homemade Skinless Chicken Longganisa



7. Pastillas de Leche



8. Frozen Mocha Mud Pie




9. Mango Tapioca in Coconut Milk





10. No-cook Pastillas de Leche


Click here for more dessert recipes

Click here for mango desserts


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