6 Awesome Ways to Cook with Bananas

Love bananas? We have ideas on how to use it for dessert, breakfast, or for your power drink.



As a snack, a dessert, or as a main ingredient for your milkshake, bananas are a versatile bunch. Here, 6 delicious ways to enjoy your bananas: 


1. Banana Cream Pie-in-a-Bowl


Because no-bake desserts with bananas make them more fun!


2. Banana Chocolate Chip Bread


This decadent loaf keeps moist for days.



3. Strawberry-Banana Tarragon Milkshake


The herbs bring out the flavors in this banana-strawberry smoothie.



4. Choco Nutty Banana French Toast


Banana slices sweeten this breakfast plate.


5. Banana S’mores


Fruits make this campfire favorite extra yummy.


6. Kangkong and Banana Blossoms Cheese Dip


It's not always about the fruitbanana blossoms can be used for this cheese dip recipe. 







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