6 Kitchen Tools You Didn’t Think You Needed in Your Life

But really, we think they'll come in handy!



Wooden Coffee Scoop and Clip

You need to keep your coffee beans fresh so why not do it with this pretty coffee scoop which doubles as a bag clip?


Available at Quirks (Quirks is at Shangri-la Mall and SM Aura)





We love time-saving tools: This cuts apples (or other fruits) into 8 or 16 pieces with just one turn of its dial!



Available at Tru Home, Greenbelt 5, Makati



Omelet Maker

If you turn to your microwave oven for most of your cooking, this nifty gadget makes omelet-making easier.

Available at Robinsons Department Store, Forum Robinsons



Layer Cake Slicing Kit

Slicing (perfect) cake layers has never been easier with this tool. You don't have to tell anyone you have this in your kitchen!


Available online at food52.com




Egg Poacher

Love eggs? This egg poaching tool lets you make perfect ones: use in a pan of water on a stovetop or even in a microwave.


Trudeau egg poacher available at Gourdo's, Greenbelt 5, Makati



Food Chopper

 This plunger-style food-chopping tool is nifty for when you need to whip up a salad or make homemade salsa, stat!


Available at Tru Home, Greenbelt 5, Makati



Photos from food52.com, Amco House Works, Progressive International, Quirks.ph, and lilenchest.com

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