6 Party Drinks You Can Make at Home

You don't need to be a mixologist to create these ready-for-any-party drinks!


Throwing a party? Impress guests with these refreshing coolers and liquor-infused drinks:


1. Watermelon Fizz


You can add a shot of gin or vodka to this refreshing sipper.




2. Strawberry Calamansi-ade


To add fruity flavors, use strawberry ice cubes.





3. Caribeno


Having a tropical-themed party? Add this pineapple, banana, and rum mixture to your bar list.



4. Cranberry Mimosa


This three-ingredient cocktail is a foolproof easy-to-do drink.





5. Beer-Lemon Soda Drink


Add a dash of zest to beer with the help of lemon-lime soda!




6. Strawberry Balsamic Cooler


Sweet-sour and peppery flavors make this drink truly party-worthy.  

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