6 Recipes Your Kid Can Do!

Start them young with these kid-friendly recipes.


Does your little one love hanging out in the kitchen? These kid-approved recipes are fun and easy to do:


1. Nutella-dipped Microwaved Potato Chips


All you need for this snack: potatoes, nutella, and a microwave.



2. Pan de Pizza


Bond with your kid by making these homemade pizza pieces.



3. Family Dessert Pizza


A twist to homemade pizza: it's got everything a sweet-toothed kid will love!



4. Creamy Fruit Bowls


Melt-in-your-mouth layers of cake, fruit, and gelatin!



5. Homemade Popsicles



Why buy from the store when you can make them at home?


6. Frozen Banana Pops


Recipe for fun in the kitchen: chocolate, sprinkles, and frozen fruit.

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