These Cute Ceramic Plates Deserve a Spot in Your Kitchen

Make eating more fun!

IMAGE Mansy Abesamis

A home isn’t a home without a kitchen. When it comes to building one, it’s always great to choose pieces that are well-designed, practical, and relevant. Here’s a kitchen find that will quickly make any Filipino kitchen its home: ceramic “bugtong” plates by Mansy Abesamis!


Mansy is the artist behind the craft shop Hey Kessy—she also holds lots of workshops and enjoys teaching eager-to-learn artists the tricks of the trade. These ceramic plates are hand-painted one-by-one, each holding a unique design or Filipino riddle, before they are dipped into a vat of clear glaze. More importantly, these plates showcase Filipino talent and culture beautifully! 



Mansy Abesamis’ Bugtong Plates are available at the Hey Kessy shop in U.P. Town Center, Resurrection Furniture, and Found Objects. Small places are priced at P400 while the big plates go for P700.  

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