5 Chinese Recipes Every Cook Needs to Learn

It's time to forget about take out.



No matter what time of year, Chinese food proves to be an instant hit, whether it’s for a big birthday celebration or for a quick and easy dinner made at home.


To celebrate the vibrant, classic flavors that we all know and love, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Chinese recipes that we think every good cook should know, whether or not it’s the Chinese new year. Nothing ushers in good luck better than a terrific meal!



Yang Chow Fried Rice

Who doesn’t love a good, heaping pile of Yang Chow Fried Rice? No Chinese-style meal would be complete without it!



Sweet and Sour Pork

While classic Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork isn’t usually as brightly-colored as the stuff we’re used to, there’s a good reason why we love the tangy red sauce!




Chow Mein

The only proper way to celebrate a good, long life the Chinese way is with a big serving of long, long, long noodles like these!




Bola-Bola Siopao

Yes, you can actually make your very own fluffy steamed bola-bola buns at home! It’s easier than it sounds, too!




Taosi Spareribs

Taosi, or salted black beans, give these classic spareribs a deep, savory flavor unlike anything else.


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