5 Decadent Chocolate Desserts to Sink Your Teeth Into

From toaster oven-friendly cookies to rich lava cake, we've got all your chocolate needs covered!

For the chocolate lovers that need chocolate as much the air you breathe: we get you. Chocolate in the kitchen is a lot of funmix it into your desserts, tuck it in between the layers of your breakfast bread pudding, or slather a smooth ganache over your fluffy cakes. Here are a few recipes that you can make at home! 



1  Toaster Oven Chocolate Cookies

Roll out and freeze the extra dough from this recipe. When a cookie craving hits you, take a couple out from the freezer and pop them into the toaster oven. Dessert will be ready in minutes!


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It's a breeze to make bake-and-freeze treats!



2  Chocolate Bread Pudding

This bread pudding is perfect for breakfast or merienda. Looking for precious bonding time with the kids? Have them prep this with you in the kitchen. 



3  Chocolate Tablea Cupcakes

Use a Pinoy favorite ingredient, tablea, to give these chocolate cupcakes a deep, earthy flavor. These cakes are super moist!



4  Salted Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cake

Salt make chocolate flavors shine! The classic combo of peanut butter and chocolate create an irresistible cake. 



5  Nutella-Filled Cookies

Fill these buttery cookies with a sweet surprise: Nutella! 


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Sweet treats that'll be great as a food gift, too.



6  Chocolate-Espresso Lava Cake

This recipe is extra awesome because it doesn't require an oven to bake! Use your toaster oven or turbo broiler to make this decadent dessert. 



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Treat yourself to a slice (or two) of good, fudgy chocolate cake!

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You don't need an oven to make this fudgy chocolate cake recipe!

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An toaster oven can be one of the most useful kitchen appliances: choose the right one for you!


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