Craving Ramen? Family Mart Now Serves Ramen and Tempura Udon

Thinking of having Japanese food today?

IMAGE courtesy of FamilyMart PH

When you need to sate Japanese food cravings, you need not go far. FamilyMart has you covered! The convenience store chain serves Tokyo Ramen and Tempura Udon, for those times you really want to slurp a hearty bowl of soup and noodles.


Tempura Udon 


Ebi Tempura 


California Maki 



You can pair these bowls with crispy, deep-fried Ebi Tempura, Tamago Sushi, Futomaki, and Cali Ebi Sushi, or go for their California Maki (sold at 6 pieces per serving).


Make your fave Japanese rolls at home!


Check FamilyMart's Facebook page for a list of branches. 

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